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Barebells – Double Bite Crisp Protein Bar (55g) **SWEDISH IMPORT

Barebells – Double Bite Crisp Protein Bar (55g) **SWEDISH IMPORT




Barebells Double bites, with a heavenly crunchiness made of soy puffs and with two bites in every package, making it almost impossible not to share. It comes in three flavours; Peanut Crisp, Chocolate Crisp and Caramel Crisp. Some may have a hard time believing our double Bites are without any added sugar and also enriched with protein, but they are. Love at first bite!

Let’s set the record straight here – crispy golden peanuts, together with caramel sauce and chocolate is the greatest of delights! It comes into two bite sized pieces however there’s a very slim chance that you will be sharing these beauties. Without any added sugar and enriched with 16 grams of protein. We got the groove you got the crisp!

Nutritional Information per bar 55 g
Energy 207 kcal
Fat 9.6 g

Of which saturates 4,6 g

Carbohydrates  20 g

Of which 1,9 g

Fibre 5 g
Protein 16 g
Salt 0,68 g

Additional information


Chocolate Crisp, Caramel Crisp, Peanut Crisp, Mix of Flavours


Single Bar, Box of 12

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