Barebells – VEGAN Protein Bar Chocolate Dough (55g) **SWEDISH IMPORT


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Product Description

Can you ever have too much chocolate? No need to answer that. We have decided to take our irresistible Chocolate dough bar and create a vegan edition. Don’t worry, it’s still packed with protein – 15 grams, contains no added sugar and tastes ridiculously good. We call it a plant-based tribute to ALL chocolate lovers!

Nutritional Information per bar 55 g
Energy 201 kcal
Fat 8,1 g

Of which saturates 4,0 g

Carbohydrates  1,3 g

Of which sugars 0,7 g

Fibre 7,7 g
Protein 15 g
Salt 0,32 g

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Single Bar, Box of 12