Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 Shot


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Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 Shot (70ml)

James White Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 – Cycling, Triathlon & Running

Beet IT SPORT is a 70ml shot of concentrated beetroot juice (98%) cut with concentrated lemon juice (2%). Developed specifically for the elite sporting world, it is currently being used by many elite teams across a range of sports

Directions For Use: Consume 1 or 2 shots one to three hours before training and up to six days before competition.

  • Beet It Sport products carry the Informed-Sport logo, which means they have been tested by LGC’s
    world-class sports anti-doping laboratory to ensure product trust and integrity. With Informed-Sport, athletes can be confident their reputation is in safe hands.
The Nitrate 400 is the only nitrate supplement to deliver a minimum of 400mg of natural nitrate per shot (The equivalent of about 500ml of Beetroot juice) – the clinical standard used for independent research in over 200 universities worldwide.
Beetroot Per 70ml Serving Per 100ml
Energy (kj) 290 414
Energy (kCal) 68 97
Carbohydrates (g) 14g 20g
of Which Sugars (g) 9.1g 13g
Protein (g) 2.8g 4.0g
Fat (g) 0.1g 0.2g
of Which Saturates (g) 0.1g 0.1g
Sodium 0.1g 0.3g
Ingredients: Concentrated beetroot juice (98%), lemon juice; made from concentrates.
Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
Dairy free
Gluten free

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