BLDR Strength X2


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BLDR Strength X2 (30 Servings, 15g Single Sachet)

Our fitness supplements are formulated and tested by 10 time world champion Hunter McIntyre, the Hyrox GOAT.

Meet the ultimate strength performance supplement combination, BLDR Strength X2. Creatine supports your body with strength enhancement while Citrulline enhances blood flow to outwork the competition on a daily basis. The perfect hybrid blend for any and all challenges and training ahead of you.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased muscle strength and greater force output
  • Enhanced muscle recovery and reduced soreness
  • Increase in anaerobic capacity and performance
  • Improve blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles


With StrengthX2, we set out with a singular goal: to craft the ultimate strength supplement without compromising on quality or effectiveness. Our formula is designed to support your athletes’ training, with the 2 most powerful ingredients on the market.

Hybrid sport meets the perfect blend for training and competition.

Directions for Use: 30mins BEFORE workout. Creatine enhances strength, power, and muscle gains by increasing ATP production, while citrulline boosts nitric oxide levels, leading to improved blood flow and nutrient delivery to muscles. Together, they work synergistically to enhance performance, endurance, and muscle pump, making them essential additions to any pre-workout stack.

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Lemon Sherbert


30 Servings, 15g Sachet