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Bodyfirst Nutrition – Adjustable Length Skipping Rope (3 metres/10ft)

Bodyfirst Nutrition – Adjustable Length Skipping Rope (3 metres/10ft)




The skipping rope is a useful tool for developing footwork, coordination, conditioning and increasing agility. Requiring speed and endurance they are a great addition to any cardio or HIIT workout.
Using a skipping rope is an explosive form of cardiovascular exercise and can burn up to 125 calories in just 10 minutes making it great for fat loss.
They’re lightweight and portable it will give you an intense cardio workout which can be done in a small space from the home, hotel room, or outside.

Main Features:

  • Speed Rope
  • A vinyl cord with metal handles and metal handle-to-rope attachments (various colours)
  • Extremely durable
  • 3 metre/10-foot adjustable length rope.
  • Useful for developing footwork, agility, and coordination.
  • Rubber ends can be removed and bearings loosen to allow you to cut the rope to suit your height, once this is done simply reattach and tighten the bearings and place the rubber ends back on.
  • Bearings in the handles ensure a smooth running rope for even faster skipping.

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Black, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple

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