Bodyfirst Nutrition – Bodyfirst Twist Cap Shaker (700ml)

Bodyfirst Nutrition – Bodyfirst Twist Cap Shaker (700ml)



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In the production of the cap and lid a softer type of plastic was used. The result is a perfect fit between the screw cap, lid and the bottle. This completely prevents water leakage. This unique innovation provides us with a competitive advantage on the market.
Twist cap and lid. Both closures of our shaker bottle are twist on and off. This prevents any accidental spillage due to lids or caps popping off (as are common with many shakers currently on the market). This makes using our shaker more customer-friendly.


Some plastic bottles or shakers on the market may leak chemicals like BPA into your protein drink or water. These dangerous materials may raise the risk of breast cancer or prostate problems.
All our shakers are made of high quality polypropylene (PP) and therefore free of BPA and other chemicals dangerous to your health. What´s more, our shakers are produced in the EU under controlled circumstances to guarantee the highest quality possible for you.

Due to the design of the sides of our shaker bottle, it is easy to hold even when shaking rapidly. Our shaker will not slip through ones hand.

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Cool Blue, Silver, Black & Gold, White & Blue


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