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Nutriversum – Beta Alanine (200g)


Beta Alanine

A pure, unflavored, 100% pure source of Beta-alanine amino acid.

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid that has become increasingly known in the sporting scene due to the way it supports the production of carnosine. Carnosine is a substance found in the muscles that is highly advantageous for sporting performance as it can protect the muscle structure from acidification, thus impeding so-called muscle buckling and improving stamina and overall strength levels.

As carnosine is a highly unstable substance that can’t resist the pH value of gastric acid, the most effective way to raise carnosine levels is to supply beta-alanine, as the precursor to carnosine, so the body itself could produce this highly important substance to support intensive muscle workout. Increased carnosine levels can greatly improve general strength levels and stamina, making it particularly useful when pursuing highly strenuous, long-running sports (e.g. wrestling, rowing, football, etc.).

2000mg/serving, 6000mg/daily allowance of Beta-alanineCarnosine production supportanti-acidification effectincreased sporting performanceunflavored formula that can be added to any beverage100% purity

Who is it recommended for?

You, if:

  • you’re engaged in high-intensity sports or one which involves long-term strain
  • you’d like to boost your stamina
  • you perform tough workouts until your muscles buckle
  • you often experience acidification that impedes your performance

or if you’d simply like to take your workouts to the next level with a modern product that is proven to work well!

How to use?

Take a 3-4 gram serving directly before workout or 3 x 2 grams a day to support your general carnosine-level supply with plenty of liquids!

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 2g
Servings Per Container: 100

Amount Per Serving:
Beta-alanine 2000mg

100% Beta-alanine

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