Nutriversum Taurine 1000mg


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Product Description

Nutriversum Taurine 1000mg (60 caps)

Nutriversum Taurine consists 1000mg Taurine in each serving! (1cap)

Taurine similarly to Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino amino acid, which means that our bodies can produce the essentially required amount, but in certain cases, like a stressful or active lifestyle, this amount does not meet our bodies’ needs. In these cases it is very important to help our bodies with higher taurine intake by foods high in Taurine or by supplements. Since our everyday diets do not have so much of the foods that naturally consist higher amount of Taurine (like eggs, fishes, dairies) which would be enough for individuals with active lifestyles, we usually recommend using supplements for implementation.

Besides Taurine can calm the nerves and the brain. Taurine helps maintaining proper hydration and electrolyte balance in cells, it can also work just like insulin, which can be essential for proper pace development. Thanks to these attributes, Taurine can help the body to transport the needed nutrients to the muscles like glucose and amino acids.

Who we recommend it for?

For you, if:

  • you feel you are stuck in development and want to try something new to get on track again
  • you do not eat much animal protein, therefore you surely do not take in enough Taurine
  • your life or job is stressful, and you want to decrease anxiety with a natural agent

Or You simply want to experience all the positive effects of Taurine!

Try it for yourself!

How to use it?

Take a serving (1cap) every day with a meal and plenty of liquid!

Size: 100 capsules (100 day serving)