Scitec Nutrition Flavour Drops


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Scitec Nutrition Flavour Drops (50ml)

Scitec Nutrition flavours drops flavour your food and drinks in a variety of ways to suit your taste!


Whether you’re exercising or dieting, you don’t have to put up with monotonous flavours that make you struggle to reach your goals. You won’t break down mentally because you won’t think “I’ve got this tasteless thing waiting for me again”.

Do you eat oatmeal, yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese? Or would you just throw in a taste of your daily water intake? With Flavour Drops, you can add colour to plain food, drinks or even desserts by using just one flavour, or even a combination of flavours when baking.

If you can’t stand monotonous, unchanging flavours in the long term, or simply want variety in the flavouring of your protein shakes, feel free to use Flavour Drops with unflavoured products.

Suggested Use: Add 7-10 drops of Flavour Drops to your drink or food (330 ml of liquid or 200g of food). You can also use it with unflavoured foods (natural yoghurt, cottage cheese, etc.) that do not contain added sugar, have reduced energy and/or no added sugar!

Nutritional Facts
1 Serving: 7-10 drops

Ingredients: aroma, sweetener (sucralose).

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Caramel, Vanilla