SmartShake – Slim Shaker (500ml)


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Product Description

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Smartshake Slim fits nicely in your hand, and in most standard cupholders. Making it easy to bring along when committing to your healthy lifestyle. Use the clip and attached storage compartment to bring your essentials.

Secure cap and lid ensure a leak-proof seal.

Mixer net that silently crushes lumps to make a smooth drink.

Slim design and completely BPA and DEHP free, every Smartshake is made of food-grade approved materials.

Detachable storage compartment to store your essentials.

Ideal for use as:

  • Water bottle
  • Shaker
  • Snack box
  • Smoothie cup
  • Coffee cup
  • Fashion accessory

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Neon Pink, Gunsmoke Black, Stormy Grey, Neon Blue, Light Lavender, Pure White