Thirst Electrolyte Drink Mix Sticks


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Thirst Electrolyte Drink Mix Sticks (6g) – Pour, Shake, Hydrate **UP TO 25% OFF

Thirst drinks mix are made with real juice powder. They’re bursting with flavour and refreshing as it is energizing.

This 30 stick pack provides a convenient and tasty way to prevent dehydration and fatigue, ideal for people on the go, athletes, and those with busy lifestyles. A perfect addition to your water bottle. This refreshing hydration drink mix hydrates better than water alone. Our hydration sticks contains 4 key electrolytes to help replace those lost when you sweat.

Each Thirst stick contains:

* Only 12 Calories

* 500mg Of Sodium

* 200mg Potassium

* 60mg of Magnesium

* 40mg Calcium

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Berry, Orange, Lemon Lime, Mix of Flavours


Single Stick, Box of 30